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Spring – Summer Skin Care


Hemen İletişime Geçin!


Inevitably, the skin is affected by harmful environmental factors due to increased outdoor activities in spring and summer.
However with a few simple precautions, we can prevent the deterioration of skin health and beauty caused by the weather in summer.
Factors that become threats to skin health show up in spring and summer months when individual and social activities are mostly done outdoors.
The harmful solar rays are the main factors.
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light is the leading cause of skin damage.
Sketchily, we can divide the causes of skin damage into two as acute (ie early) and chronic (ie long-term) damages.
We define severe burns and allergies that arise in a short span of time by spending long time under the sun as “acute damages” caused by the sun.
Premature ageing, wrinkles, streaks, spots, freckle, dilated capillaries, dryness, thickening and skin cancers are the chronic effects of the sun.