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Spots Treatments

Leke Tedavisi

Why do Spots Form? How are They Treated?

Spots (blemishes) that occur on the skin are today an important problem for many women and men.  The fact that the ozone layer has been damaged in recent years, and that the damage gets worse with each passing day has exposed us to the harmful effects of UV rays. The sun, and thus its ultraviolet rays, is one of the most important factors for the formation or darkening of spots. No matter caused by the sun, genetic factors, aging, pregnancy, hormone treatment, birth control pills, aging, or inflammatory processes such as acne, most of skin spots can be successfully treated, using various treatment alternatives under the supervision of a specialist dermatologist. Before planning the treatment, we investigate the origin of the spot, and then determine the optimal treatment based on the patient’s skin color, skin structure as well as the depth and severity of the spot.

We’d like to lay emphasis on the fact that our patients should be carefully and efficiently be protected from sun exposure during and after the spot treatment. For this purpose, we recommend patients to apply at least an SPF 30 sunscreen before sun exposure, both in summer and winter months, and to re-apply it every 4 hours. It should be known that besides sunlight, UV sources also include fluorescent lights and computer screens, which require sunscreen protection as well.  As a concealer, a foundation cream or powder with sun protection, which matches skin color, can be used. In this way, the spots are camouflaged and the treatment is supported.

Laser Treatment for Spot

We use a wide variety of laser types for the treatment of different spots on the skin. We can treat most of the sun-related spots, ageing spots, pregnancy spots, freckles, acne scar and spots that develop after burn and surgery with laser. We can use short-pulse laser systems affecting the melanin pigment that cause skin spot or laser systems that regenerate the skin by peeling. In spot treatment, we use QSW NDyag 1064 v 532 nm, ERbYag and Erglass laser systems and BBL. We determine the type of the laser to be used as a result of dermatological examination in which we identify the type, depth, tone and the cause of the spot and the skin structure of patient. Laser treatment for spot is a safe procedure when it is performed under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Spot Treatment with Chemical Peeling

The peeling products we apply take effect in the spot treatment by suppressing the melanocytes that are pigment producing cells and by promoting collagen synthesis and cell regeneration. We determine the intervals of sessions as 7-20 days according to peeling type. The number of session may change between 2-6 sessions depending on the depth of spot and skin sensitivity. A mild sensation of burning and pricking occurs during the procedure. We apply local cooling for the purpose of reducing that. The patient can easily continue with daily life thanks to relaxant creams and sun creams which we apply after the procedure. Pigmentation disorders are removed as a result of regular sessions. Pimple marks can be treated. However, chemical peeling is commonly used to treat superficial spots, we use chemical peeling as a step of combination treatments in treating deep spots.

Spot Treatment with Mesotherapy

Spot mesotherapy is a procedure in which we inject a set of active ingredient into the spot skin area with the help of extremely fine needles. We increase the efficacy of spot-removing materials by injecting directly into the spot. We can also administer mesotherapy without using needles via air jet device or techniques such as dermapen. The active ingredients that we most commonly use in spotmesotherapy are arbutin, vitamin C, multivitamin cocktails, tranexamic acid, alpha lipoic acid, azelaic acid, glutathione hyaluronic acid and tissue constructors. We plan stain mesotherapy as every week or two weeks and 4-6 sessions. We can observe an appearant lighting in the spot from the second session onward. We can combine spot mesotherapy with laser peeling, enzyme peelings, decolouring creams and mixed drugs and laser treatments providing appropriate intervals.