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Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

What is Permanent Make Up?

LONG TIME LINER Conture Make-up developed in Germany is today’s most advanced cosmetic micro pigmentation technique. It is used to make a contribution to your natural beauty and conceal minor imperfections. It is also used for many medical procedures and camouflage methods. Since the first application also involves the pre-drawing and decision making processes, it takes a little bit longer (takes 2 hours, on average). The procedure is performed on the top layer of the skin called the epidermis, by using an ultra-fine tipped instrument. Disposable needles are unpacked specially for the patient. It is a hygienic and healthy. You do not feel pain during the procedure. The dyes used in the Long time liner procedure are made of natural elements, plants and minerals in nature. It has an antibacterial property, and has passed allergy tests by meeting the world standards. It can also be performed on patients who are receiving chemotherapy. Long Time Liner procedure that can be performed in all seasons of the year can be used in the Eyebrows, Lips, and Eyes (eyeliner). It can also be used for medical purposes in the repair of scars in the gap between the lip and palate, correction of the skin color in Vitiligo patients, correction of the areola lines, and nipple restoration after a plastic surgery.

Eyebrow Contour

Eyebrows determine the facial expression and lines. The shape of your eyebrow reflects your mood and helps to appear younger. Since eyebrows are plucked irregularly and continuously, they grow thin. Dying can only be a short-term solution, because the average lifespan of eyebrow hair is four weeks. Therefore, Conture Make-up offers you the most optimal solution. Preliminary drawing is made in a shape suitable with your facial structure and in a colour tone suitable with your skin colour. If this preliminary drawing is liked, drawing of thin hair are pigmented by Linergists specialists with LONG TIME LINER device. The filigree applied with guaranteed LONG TIME LINER technique offers a very natural appearance thanks to light encolouring.

Lip Contour

You can reshape your lips and find solution for your lipstick problems. With LONG TIME LINER Conture make-up technique, a colour that is harmonious with your skin colour is selected from the range of colours including natural lip tones to fashionable colour tones. After then, your lip border is highlighted with Conture Make-up. Following, the colour selected for you with “Toning of Whole Lip” technique is applied and a perfect appearance is achieved for your lips. When the procedure is completed, your don’t need to use lipstick anymore after you obtain coloured lips with awesome appearance. Even after you eat, do sport or kiss, your lips will look flawless.

Eye Liner Contour

The upper and lower edges of the eyelid improve the facial expression, give the eyes a deep and meaningful looking. Thanks to LONG TIME LINER Conture Make-up technique, you eyelashes will appear thicker and your eyes will be more prominent with a thin, natural line applied on the lower and upper lines of eyelashes. A more natural and thick looking is provided by applying shadow along the lower lash line.   Your dream of having a well-groomed and natural looking all the time may come true within a few hours.