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Leg Lift (Leg Slimming)

Bacak Estetiği

Leg Slimming

It is possible to enable your legs to look aesthetic, by removing regional fat deposits from their locations. It is a noninvasive, effective procedure that can be performed to get rid of excess fat in all parts of the body. It can be performed on both women and men.

It is an ideal surgical procedure and can always be performed especially for getting rid of stubborn fat deposits after reaching your ideal weight with a healthy life, exercise and diet.

The operation is performed with conventional, ultrasonographic and laser aided liposuction procedures. The most classical one is the conventional liposuction procedure that involves fat removal through metal tubes called cannulae. In other procedures, laser or ultrasonic energy is applied through the same incisions. Fat cells are ensured to be broken down and then they are easily aspirated. These methods allows for easier, less invasive, effective, and quicker healing. They also ensure an easier skin adaptation.

The results are permanent. You should be careful not to gain weight because fat cells can store unlimited amount of fat. Even if the number of fat cells is reduced, the remaining fat cells can regain their previous appearance by storing excess fat, in case of excess weight gains. However, it is a repeatable surgical procedure.⁠⁠