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Hair Strengthening Treatments

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Hair Strengthening Treatments

There are two common treatment procedures that we perform in conjunction with additional treatments after determining the factor, for treating various types of hair loss such as genetic hair loss, male pattern hair loss, hair loss caused by iron and vitamin deficiencies, periodic hair loss, hair loss due to stress or metabolic causes, sudden hair loss after pregnancy, alopecia areata, etc.

1)Hair mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy can be applied by injecting certain substances into the scalp, such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed by the hair, as well as substances that increase blood circulation, using 4-6 mm fine-tipped mesotherapy needles or with the help of a dermapen device. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. The pain felt during the procedure is minimal. The patient can return to his/her normal activities immediately after the procedure.

2) PRP applied to the scalp

PRP treatment is a treatment procedure that repairs damaged hair follicles and enables them to take better nourishment, by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp. The 10-20 cc of blood drawn from the patient is subjected to special processes, after which it becomes platelet rich plasm. Platelets (thrombocytes) are blood cells that contain growth factors that repair damaged tissues and provide a natural rejuvenation in our body.

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an effective technique to improve and control hair loss. The results are encouraging and permanent. When deficiencies needed for hair growth are eliminated, hair looks fuller, more voluminous and abundant. With hair mesotherapy, we stop hair loss, stimulate new hair growth and improve the quality of existing hair. We can arrange the content and the ratio of the mixture used during mesotherapy according to the needs of hair and the patient. According to the needs of hair, we can plan the procedure as one or two sessions. After 6-10 sessions, hair loss completely stops. It is administered once a week in the first 4 sessions and administered every two weeks in the last 4 sessions. Patient should not wash, wet hair or apply any medicine on hair.

P.R.P Therapy

PRP therapy is a treatment technique that repairs damaged hair follicles allows hair follicles to feed better by increasing the blood circulation of the scalp. 10-20 cc of blood taken from the individual is subjected to special treatments to make it rich in platelet. Platelets (thrombocytes) are blood cells which repair damaged tissues in our body, allow a natural regeneration and contain growth factors within itself. After PRP solution is prepared, it is injected into hair roots with the help of fine needles.   Sometimes, we perform dermapen (micro-needling) in company with PRP. PRP hair treatment is administered approximately in 4-6 sessions at 3-week intervals. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. The patient can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. Thickening, new hair growth and the reduction in thinning hair begin to come up after the third treatment. Both hair mesotherapy and PRP procedures improve the success of transplantation in hair transplant patients. 4-6 sessions of mesotherapy and PRP carried out from the postoperative 3rd month onward help feed follicles, increase blood circulation, improve the repair of the scalp and increase the retention capacity of implanted roots.