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DERMAPEN (Micro Needling)

Dermapen Tedavisi

DERMAPEN (Micro Needling)

It is a type of treatment intended for increasing the amount of collagens, one of the key building blocks of our subcutaneous supportive tissues. Collagen, mentioned often in dermatological treatment procedures, is the main protein fiber responsible for the elasticity of the skin. both the number and quality of collagens decrease during the aging process.

Collagen induction therapy, as the name implies, is a treatment procedure intended for inducing the fibroblasts to produce more collagens in the skin. Our aim is to restructure the skin that has lost its elasticity as well as its tight and shining appearance, stop the effects of the aging process on the skin, and rejuvenate the skin.

How does Dermapen work?

We mechanically stimulate the collagen synthesis with dermapen (micro-needle) technique that is a successful and safe treatment. Dermapen, a pen-shaped medical device containing multiple micro-needles at its tip, allows micro-channels to be created on the skin surface without impairing the integrity of the skin. These channels mediate the penetration of special mixtures (amino acids, vitamins, biomimetic peptides, minerals, growth factors) that we prepared according to the needs of skin into the deep layers of the skin. In addition, this controlled damage on the skin initiates a reaction of the body to heal the wound.   Healing process begins in the skin, the release of growth factor increases and the produced collagen and elastin improve and rejuvenate the skin and the lost elasticity is regained. To obtain the best result, we can work with different vibration frequencies, adjusting the length of needles as we want according to the type and severity of the problem.

How is Dermapen performed?

The average duration of the procedure is 30-45 minutes. Since we apply local anaesthetic cream before the procedure, the pain felt is minimal. After the procedure, a mild redness that disappear within a few hours can be seen. Patient can easily continue with social life. Because it does not harm protective barrier of the skin and does not impair the barrier function, no crust occurs after the procedure, no special care is needed and it can be performed safely even in summer months. The intervals between Dermapen sessions are 1-2 weeks. Its effect shows up by the first session. Usually a treatment period of 4-6 sessions is needed.

After Dermapen Treatment

We can administer dermapen with collagen induction therapy in every area of the body where the skin has lost the quality, the loss of elasticity is present and the wrinkles are prominent. Neck area, decollete, arm, abdominal skin and especially face are our common application areas. We also prefer to use collagen induction therapy as an effective method in the treatment and reduction of acne scars, for reducing the prominence of large pores, in the treatment of cracks, surgical and wound scars. Anyone, who has the mentioned complaints and who are advised by dermatologist, can have this procedure. The only obstacle for the treatment is the presence of active infection herpes or eczema. In such cases, we prioritize the treatment of active skin lesion and postpone dermapen procedure.