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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Dolgular

Preventing Wrinkles and Sags with Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid, one of the key building blocks of our skin, is a derivative of sugar. It is responsible for the availability of a strong connective tissue and for the water retention capacity of the skin. Sags, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity occur in the skin, in case of lack of hyaluronic acid, the amount of which naturally decreases with increasing age. For the replenishment of the hyaluronic acid, amount of which decreased in the tissue, we use hyaluronic acid-containing fillers compatible with the skin, which are produced in sterilized laboratory conditions and are enriched with cross-links. Such gel-like fillers are available in ready-to-use syringes.

Use Areas of Dermal Fillers

We take the advatage of Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections to treat the lines extending from the nasal wings down to the corners of the lip, the wrinkles extending from the corners of the lip to the chin, dark circles and collapse under the eye, the loss of volume in the temple area; to reshape cheekbone, eyebrow, chin; to add volume to thin lips and to reshape asymmetric lips; to remove barcode’ lines above the lips; to elevate the tip of the nose; to highlight the chin contour. Moreover, we use it in liquid facelift (point lift) procedure for the lines around the eyes after botulinum toxin if necessary and for the frown lines between the brows if necessary after botulinum toxin; to reshape the tip of the chin in order to obtain improvement in the whole face; to treat the lines on the neck and décolleté, the wrinkles and the loss of volume of the hands, acne and wound scars.

How is it performed? What should be expected?

We perform filler procedures under clinic conditions. Priorly, anaesthetic creams are applied on skin. We can also administer local anaesthesia during deep filler injections and for the lips, if necessary.   Filler materials show difference in terms of hyaluronic acid ratio, cross-link ratios and consistencies. We inject it into the administration area with appropriate technique, deciding the appropriate product depending on the problem area and the severity of the problem. The injection can be administered with very fine needles or blunt-tip cannulas. The procedure is painless since most of the newly developed filler materials contain anaesthetic substances. The effect of the procedure shows up immediately and the desired result is achieved in 14 days. Usually, patients can continue their normal lives after the procedure. The persistence of fillers is approximately 6-9 months depending on the injected substance and the area.