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Cryolipolysis ( Cool Shaping 360 )

Soğuk Lipoliz

Get Rid of The Fat Deposits in Your Body

Thanks to advanced technology, we now can offer our patients an alternative to get rid of excess weight by a non-surgical, painless technique without diet. Cryolipolysis technique (Cool shaping 360) that we use in our clinic acts by freezing only the fats without using any drug, chemical substance or surgical technique. While water freezes at 0 degree, fat freezes at -5 degrees. We reduce the temperature of the tissue to -10 degrees with this application. These freezed fat cells lose their life functions, cell death that we call apoptosis in medical terms occurs in the fat tissue. The body breaks down these dead cells with its own biological mechanism and excretes them via lymphatic system, liver or kidney functions are never overloaded.

How does it affect? What is the expected result?

The method widely used in the USA and Europe has proved its reliability and successful results by being approved by FDA. It is particularly effective for palpable fat deposit. Abdomen, hip, waist region, underwear lines, legs, jowl, arms, back region are among our application areas. It is possible to drop 2 dress sizes only with a single session. We also combine it with other procedures. Besides effective results are obtained in regional slimming, it is possible to get the result faster by increasing the number of session in overweight patients. Just to clarify the method of the application; problem area on the body is covered with a special pad. Thanks to the special application tip with mild vacuum, the problem area is taken into a vacuum chamber and cooled. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. After an hour of application, the part of the area placed into the application tip gets 35-50% percent slimmer.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

AWT is the abbreviation of Acoustic Wave Therapy. AWT that regulates cutaneous, subcutaneous fat tissue, connective tissue, circulatory system, muscles and metabolic system is a whole layer activation treatment. In AWT technique, which takes effect with strong energy waves into the body, the waves radiate mechanically and trigger natural healing mechanisms by stimulating the tissues up to 6-10 cm depth. As a natural consequence, cellulitis is removed, skin gets firmer and the volume of fat tissue reduces. Although the waves have 10 times more energy than ultrasound waves, they don’t cause heat, pain, ache or burn in the tissue. The shock wave is a type of energy which can radiate very deep into the areas of human body without generating heat and is proven not to have any side effect since it has been used in human body for more than 40 years. After the year 2006, its effects on skin and fat tissue are proven by multi-centre studies in Europe and accepted to be used for the purpose of weight loss and cellulite removal. AWT, mechanism of action of which is scientifically proven, is a medical system.

Areas of Usage and Expected Results

5-12% slimming can be obtained per region without any special diet thanks to skin tightening and loss of fat tissue. AWT is effective in cellulitis therapy, used for tightening the skin and connective tissue, accelerates healing after liposuction, removes oedema and ensures slimming.