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Chemical Peeling

Kimyasal Peeling

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What is Chemical Peeling?

In chemical peeling, we aim to treat various skin problems, using solutions that we apply to the skin surface and neutralize by keeping it waiting for a certain period of time.

The top layer of the skin called the ‘epidermis’ peels away due to the effect of the chemical peeling solution. This temporary damage simulates the repair mechanism and new collagen synthesis in the deeper skin layers. As a result, a tighter, younger, and brighter looking skin appears with its improved tissue quality and less noticeable pores.

The chemical peeling procedures are roughly divided into three categories depending on the depths that their effect reaches; as light, medium and deep peels. In our clinic, we perform light and medium peeling procedures by using mostly glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid.

How is the treatment applied? For what purpose is it used?

Peeling procedure is a short-time procedure. After the face is cleaned and a solution is applied, it is neutralized after waiting for a few minutes. After the procedure, we apply a sedative cream and sunscreen. After the procedure, a peeling occurs depending on the severity of peeling depth. We recommend skin care cream and effective sun protection. It is a goal-directed, effective and successful application when it is performed by an experienced dermatologist. We take the advantages of different chemical peeling applications to treat fine lines, skin patches, acne scars, active acne and to improve the natural brightness of the skin.