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Cellulite Treatment

Selülit Giderme (Lipodistrofi)

What is Cellulite? How is it Treated?

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin surface looks rough like orange peel, as a result of the pathological change that occurs in the subcutaneous fat tissue and fibrosis septae in the connective tissue, due to certain factors such as unhealthy nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, alcohol use, smoking, and genetic predisposition.

Cellulite at different degrees is observed in almost 85% of women because estrogen (a female sex hormone) paves the way for the tendency to form cellulite. It is most commonly seen in the buttocks, legs, abdomen, and rarely in the arms.

The two treatment procedures that we perform to treat cellulite, which give successful results, are Mesotherapy and AWT (acoustic wave therapy).

Cellulite Removal with Mesotherapy

It is an effective treatment in which we inject previously prepared mesotherapy solutions into the cellulite area with the help of very fine needles. Pain felt during the procedure is minimal. The goal of cellulite mesotherapy is to regulate the impaired micro circulation of the problem area, break down the fat nodules and reconstruct the impaired connective tissue. We achieve noticeable results with regular sessions. Usually 10 cycles of treatment at weekly intervals is usually enough.

Cellulite Removal with Acoustic Wave Therapy

It targets the pathologies existing in both fat tissue and connective tissue of the cellulite area. With shock waves, skin is released by dissolving the fibrotic bands in the connective tissue and the intracellular fat in the fat tissue is freed and the volume of the fat tissue is reduced and the blood and lymphatic circulations are regulated. We recommend AWT application 2-3 times a week in the cellulite treatment. It is possible to obtain regional slimming with AWT, however, much longer treatments are required for this purpose.