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BBL Laser Treatment

What is BBL Laser? What does It Do?

BBL means BroadBand Light (broad spectrum light). BBL laser treatment is intended to provide effective skin rejuvenation at deep and superficial layers of the skin, by thermally damaging the skin and consequently stimulating the collagen production.

BBL laser produces heat and light that advance diffusing with wavelengths ranging from 560 to1200 nm. It is widely used with intent to eliminate fine wrinkles on the skin, age-related facial sags as well as sags in the limbs and abdominal region; improve skin tissue quality; obtain tight-looking skin; treat color imbalances on the skin and skin spots, capillary vasodilation and other vascular formations, rozasea, and acne; recover elasticity; in short, provide skin rejuvenation at all the skin layers in broad terms. It is a procedure effective in all body regions. We mostly perform it on the face, neck, cleavage area, arms and hands.