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Arm Lift (Arm Slimming)

Kol Estetiği

Arm Slimming

It is a procedure intended for removing the excess regional fat deposits from the arm region. It can be performed on both women and men. It is an ideal surgical procedure and can always be performed especially for getting rid of stubborn fat deposits after reaching your ideal weight with a healthy life, exercise and diet. Before operation, the patient’s medical history is taken and his/her general body examination is done. The areas from where fat deposits will be removed are determined, and attention is paid to ensure that there is no excess skin. The skin elasticity is checked, the incision sites are determined, and photos are taken in an appropriate way.

Conventional, ultrasonographic and laser aided liposuction procedures can be performed. The most classical one is the conventional liposuction procedure that involves fat removal through metal tubes called cannulae. In other procedures, laser or ultrasonic energy is applied through the same incisions. Fat cells are ensured to be broken down and then they are easily aspirated. These methods allows for easier, less invasive, effective, and quicker healing. They also ensure an easier skin adaptation. Therefore, our surgeons prefer the ultrasonographic and laser aided liposuction procedure for ensuring the comfort of our patients and the success of the operation.