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Aesthetic Genital Surgery

Genital Estetik

Why is Aesthetic Genital Surgery (Vaginoplasty) Needed ?

The female external genital organs include the hairy upper part under the belly button, called the mons pubis; labia majora (hairy); labia minora (hairless); clitoris; the upper joint of the labia minora, and the hymen, the thin membrane at the opening of the vagina. Some of these external anatomical structures may be found to be undeveloped, underdeveloped, asymmetrically developed, or overdeveloped in some young women. As the woman begins to get to know her own body, such differences in the genital area may cause problems for her. The bleeding caused by the tearing of the hymen during the first sexual intercourse does not occur in a congenital type of hymen, and such a condition may pose a problem for both the young woman and her husband. Therefore, a woman who reaches her sexual maturity period should get routinely examined to get to know her own external genital system, before starting her active sexual life.