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Acne Scars Treatment

Akne izleri Tedavisi

What Is Acne and Acne Scar?

Acne, i.e. pimple as colloquially known, is often seen in the adolescence period and appears when the oil (sebaceous) glands of the skin get inflamed, the pores get blocked due to excessive sebum production, and consequently a bacterium (P. Acnes) finds a suitable environment for itself. Acne is a common problem encountered by almost every 8 out of 10 people at a stage of their lives. Acne can also cause cosmetic problems due to scars that it creates in visible part of a person, such as the face, and can lead to loss of self-confidence and even psychological problems. Besides the face, it can also form lesions on the neck, chest, back, shoulder and upper arms.

In cases of severe acne, especially when nodular and cystic structures form under the skin, the acne leaves damage on the skin surface and in the subcutaneous layer even after healing. Hollows and an irregular appearance appear on the skin. This condition is called acne scars. Today’s possibilities offered by aesthetic technologies provide us with alternatives for acne scar treatment.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scar

One of the most effective treatment techniques for treating acne scar is ERB:YAG fractional laser. In this laser system, the laser beam is delivered to the point of focus and reinforcement and regeneration is ensured by re-epithelization of the skin surface and the regeneration of new collagen under the skin. This regeneration process in the skin both reduces cavitation and irregularities, spots and marks, and improves the quality of the skin, resulting in a firmer structure. We achieve successful results in the treatment of all new or old acne scars of our adolescent, adult or elderly patients. Session intervals are approximately one month. We perform 2-6 sessions depending on the depth and extent of acne scar.

Acne Scar Treatment with Dermapen (Dermaroller Microneedling)

We use a special pen-shaped device composed of multiple stainless steel fine needles in the treatment called dermapen, dermoroller or microneedling. With this device, we create tiny punctures by needles in previously determined length and by mechanical movements in determined speed and vibration according to skin type and the extent of the problem. Wound healing mechanism of the skin is induced and significant growth factors are released with this micro-channels on the skin. Regenerative cells and growth factors moved to the area repair the skin damage and thus, acne scars are apparently treated. We plan Dermapen procedure in acne scar treatment as 4-8 sessions at 2-4 week intervals.  In case of need, we can combine Dermapen procedure with mesotherapy or PRP and increase the success rate.

Acne Scar Treatment with Chemical Peeling

The procedure of peeling the upper skin layers with chemical products in a controlled manner is called “chemical peeling”. In the peeling procedure, we use chemical products in a wide range of acid or base forms. Our goal in acne scar treatment is to obtain as much peeling as we want on the skin layers and to regenerate a significantly improved new skin layer, taking the advantages of wound healing mechanism. We prefer to use fruit acids, mandelic acid, salicylic acid and TCA peeling solutions in the treatment of acne scar.   We prepare these active ingredients in various concentrations, considering the skin structure and the severity of the problem, and keep it on the skin for the periods we determined and complete the procedure with neutralization at the end of the period. The session intervals of chemical peeling are between 2-4 weeks and the number of sessions required for the treatment changes between 4-8.

Acne Scar Treatment with Filler Procedure

The other technique we use in the treatment of acne-related volume loss under the skin is the dermal filler procedure alone or in combination with a fractional laser. The filler material can be hyaluronic acid or fat tissue. Now we can apply the filler material with extremely fine needles or without thanks to the new-generation technological devices.   Besides volume is added with the filler, the irregularities on the skin surface can be treated as well.